Monthly Wrap : December 2013

December culminated with a cow meetup for the Christmas and New Year holidays. Forward planning meant we were able to publish posts ahead of time which enabled us to enjoy the sun, surf and volcanoes offline – albeit with a healthy dose of free wifi “mooching” from local coffeehouses and hotel lobbies. Moo Cow – our most creative and artistic family member – surprised us with a hand-painted wandering cows plate for Christmas!

Here’s a review of our top 5 posts for December, with Asia, tea and transport as the linking theme.  Post favourites, as voted by your views, likes and comments, are ranked in order:

1. Malaysian Butterflies Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
2. Motorbikes in Hanoi Hanoi, Vietnam
3. Segway Copenhagen Copenhagen, Denmark
4. Tea in the Malaysian Hills Cameron Highlands, Malaysia
5. Turkish Tea Turkey

Special thanks again to –

Our “likers”, with the click of your mouse, you have made your vote count for more

Our commenters, for taking the time to speak on behalf of all the readers; and

Our followers, for your encouragement on our blogging journey.

Happy new year! We hope you have an amazing and inspired 2014 ahead.

~ Wandering Cows

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