Turkish tea

Ahhh, there’s nothing better than a re-energising cup of chai – or çay in Turkish when you’re taking the weight off your travel-weary feet.  Tea is an essential part of Turkish culture and I indulged regularly in the atmospheric coffee houses or after a meal.

They serve it in tiny glasses on a little saucer, with a couple of sugar cubes on the side – no milk – and your tea stays hot while you sip leisurely at it.  There’s none of this lukewarm third-of-a-mug of tepid leftover milk tea business that I do here.  I also like the apple tea or elma çay, even though I know that only tourists drink it.

What tea traditions or rituals have you enjoyed ?

~ Spotted Cow


7 thoughts on “Turkish tea

  1. Each truck, each petrol station, each tiny shop we stopped to hitchhike in front welcomed us with their hot tea. For days we wondered how come it was always ready and hot, then I discovered the Turkish double teapot…such a funny and great invention!

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