Danish hot dog

The best hot dog in Copenhagen is from the mobile stall at the bottom of the Round Tower.  What’s more, it’s organic.  Yup, you heard me right.  A healthy hot dog.

The menu gives you 4 choices of getting your dog.  Who knew? You also pick the type of sausage – classic, beef, pork, goat, vegan – and the type of dressing. I opted for the classic hot dog in a bun and it came topped with deep fried onions (maybe not so healthy after all!), diced raw onions and many slim slices of pickle.  I added mustard. It was delicious and filling. Importantly, the sausage didn’t taste like plastic. It was juicy and succulent. Doesn’t that make you want to try one?

You can’t miss the stand if you go to the Round Tower. But if you want to ask for it, it’s called Den Økologiske Pølsemand – The Organic Sausage Man.

~ Spotted Cow

Danish hot dog hot dog menu

7 thoughts on “Danish hot dog

  1. Wow! Now you have finally done it. Here I am browsing your fascinating blog. I am extremely hungry, but I could not stop browsing. Then you hit me with The Danish Hot Dog. Grumble! Rumble! Roar! I am off to my kitchen. Thanks. Great read. Best, Harold

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