Segway Copenhagen

Getting around on a Segway is one of the best ways to see Copenhagen because it is arguably the most bike friendly city in the world.  There are over 300 kilometres of bicycle lanes. Both cars and pedestrians are accustomed to accommodating two-wheelers.

I booked my Segway tour with Tours Cph.  Before the tour started, the guide spent half and hour demonstrating the Segway in the car park and we had a practice. I had never ridden one before, and it was very easy to pick up. Within 10 minutes I was doing mini wheelie circles. Our helmets were fitted with radios so that we could hear the guide giving us instructions as well as telling us about the city.

It was really good fun and  I orientated myself with the city layout.  Apart from the obvious sites, we whizzed by the wonderfully preserved old stock exchange building which I might not have taken a look at and trundled through a secret leafy graveyard.  Plus, I was glad that we wheeled over to visit the Little Mermaid as she is one of Denmark’s most prominent symbols … and she was at the other end of town relative to my hotel.  Apparently, she is decapitated regularly by pranksters and political diehards.

The tour was 2 hours.  I wished it had been longer. I now want to do Segway tours in every city I visit !

~ Spotted Cow


Little Mermaid

8 thoughts on “Segway Copenhagen

  1. I did a Segway tour in Cincinnati this summer and loved it so much that I want to do Segway tours everywhere I go, too. It’s a fun way to get around. I’ll remember this if I’m ever in Copenhagen.

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