Night in an Igloo

On our trip to northern Finland, I slept in quite an unusual place.  I slept in an igloo for one night! Although I didn’t build it – I watched the adults shovel and pat the snow into place –  I found the igloo experience very enjoyable.

Initially, I was quite reluctant considering it was -35 degrees Celsius outside. But the guide at Basecamp Oulanka explained that it would keep the heat in. She was right.  It turned out to be a snug zero degrees. I slept in the igloo with a few other kids who were at Basecamp, plus an adult.  It was cosy!  We slept in very warm sleeping bags and as the night progressed it felt warmer due to our warm bodies.  In fact, I discovered that igloo water was dripping on my feet by morning. If you ever get the chance, definitely try sleeping in an igloo for a night.

~ Chocolate Milk Cow



8 thoughts on “Night in an Igloo

    1. Yes, we went to north Finland one winter, and the children still say that it was their best holiday ever ! It is a super accolade, especially coming from them. I would like to go back up north to see how the white landscape looks dressed in summer colours.

      1. Sounds great. The best time to visit Lapland is fall. Then everywhere there are wonderful red colors. I have many posts, but it is another thing.

    1. The Igloo was on a frozen lake, near the edge of a small area of trees. I’m a boy and I didn’t really need to worry (as much) 🙂 but there was a toilet in a small wooden shack on the edge of the lake.

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