The Dish at Parkes

Another part of our “Wicked Camper” holiday was adventuring out to see ‘The Dish” at the Parkes Observatory in the middle of a sheep farm in Parkes, Outback New South Wales.  And another great part too, I might add. The satellite dish measures 64m and is definitely a sight to behold.  The radio telescope was made famous in 2000 by the Australian comedy movie ‘The Dish” about its key role in relaying live television of man’s first steps on the moon in 1969 – which had a scene involving playing cricket on the dish!

The view of the dish is unobstructed from the picnic grounds and visitor centre.  Overall, my favourite part of the Parkes Observatory was definitely the displays, exhibits and activities which could be done in the museum. Inside was a scale which you stood on and it would tell you how much you weighed on the sun, the moon and each of the planets. This related to my favourite activity in which, you could pick up a milk carton which weighed how much it would be if on another planet.

~ Chocolate Milk Cow




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