Weekend away book

I’ve got a weekend away coming up and I like having a book, especially as my work involves reading a fair chunk of technical information.  I’m one of the few people I know who doesn’t have a Kindle. I’ll admit that it’s efficient not to have the bulk when you want to take 6 books with you, and I do like portable technology. But nothing quite replaces the physical energy of turning pages.

Chiara over at booksteensandmagazines.com runs a project encouraging teenagers to read. She’s an avid reader herself and I like her recommendations. She also has an adult reading list, including one on books to read when you’re travelling.  I like the sound of the top choice, The Sea Sisters by Lucy Clarke – an unfathomable suicide mystery in Bali of the narrator’s sister. Intriguing. I know that they read it in her book club recently and were absorbed by it.  That’s it. I’ve clicked and when it arrives in the letter box, it’s going in my bag. And I’ll be one less book behind on my One Book A Month new year resolution. Done and done.

~ Spotted Cow


7 thoughts on “Weekend away book

  1. I have succumbed to the convenience of Kindle sometime ago 😅 I do agree with you about the charm of real books. I used to donate a boxful of paperbacks to charity shops but with Kindle, I can no longer do the same. Paul is very anti-Kindle. He hates the way they layout typeface. For him, being an art director, the justification Kindle applies on the pages is too upsetting to look 😱 However, the convenience wins over me. Have a lovely holiday. I look forward to hearing all about it when you are back 😊

    1. Yes, the convenience of a Kindle is unrivalled, especially when you’re doing the discount airline thing. I don’t have a strong view on typefaces, but I can imagine that it would annoy someone with a design aesthetic. Truth is though, I wish they would make a universal charger. All these portable devices have such clunky chargers and you end up going away with a bagful of hefty plugs, somewhat offsetting earlier-said convenience !

      1. I agree with you about chargers and spare battery! I have to take so many back up batteries for a long haul flight. Otherwise, I feel so insecure. Plus, I take a few normal books just in case my Kindle fails. You see, it’s not at all space saving…😰

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