Christmas, neither at home nor away

Baby Cow closing in on little deer

Ever fancied not having any responsibility on Christmas Day? Let someone else organise the food, the tree, and the entertainment. We did it one year when the idea of all of us in a small London flat with nowhere to go seemed a bit crampy. Plus, we were due to fly out on Boxing Day.

Our choice was Ashdown Park Hotel in East Sussex where we stayed from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day. It was marvellous. The grounds are enormous and on the doorstep of Ashdown Forest.  This is Winnie The Pooh country.  You can borrow mountain bikes and cycle on the bumpy forest paths.  There are plenty of secret corners and hidden gardens to explore, and you’ll encounter the wild deer that roam the estate.  We had a go at croquet – badly. There’s a golf course. And we discovered a llama park nearby.

The youngsters can use the remainder of their energy in the swimming pool while the adults enjoy spa services or one of the reading spots in front of the fire.

It goes without saying that there is an abundance of food. We didn’t go hungry and the children had far too much chocolate and cake, as well as surprise treats under the tree and on their pillows – both from us and courtesy of the hotel.

We don’t know if we’d do it quite like that again. But it suited us on that one occasion and the experience was thoroughly enjoyable.

Spotted Cow


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3 thoughts on “Christmas, neither at home nor away

  1. It sounds wonderful! We must do that next year. This Christmas, we are keeping a low profile in order to escape from a dreaded family gathering. By the way, I had a wonderful breakfast at Salvation Jane this morning. Even though it was less than 10 mins walk from my place, I never knew I had such a little gem in the area. Thank you for recommending it to me. I am gonna be blogging about it and mentioning about you in the post. (^-^)

    1. Ha, low profile. I totally get it.

      Yes, Salvation Jane is warm & cosy. I passed by loads of times and never went in. And then, I had to find a place around there for a series of meetings and I ended up going 3 times in 2 weeks ! The project didn’t eventuate, but I’m not somewhat more acquainted with their menu.

      Yay, thanks for mention.

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