3D printing at the Science Museum

Seeing as 3D printing has been topical lately, I went along to the Science Museum to check out the exhibition.  It was one wall curated with a large variety of multi-coloured 3D printed products. It was everything from prosthetics to cycle bar holders to toys, smartphone cases, glasses, art, rubber ducks, model humans, a bicycle … the list goes on.  I had seen pictures of people posing with 3D models of themselves, and I thought that I was going to see a 3D printer in action.  Unfortunately, the working printer is only present during particular events, which is a shame. There are videos demonstrating the 3D printer at work, but it doesn’t substitute for the magic of the actual thing. Still, the exhibition itself is quite informative.

In all, I spent over 4 hours at the museum, wandering around various other exhibitions. It’s a really amazing place. Every which way you look there is something to learn. It can be a bit too much stimuli for one afternoon.  But I’ll leave you with this. I saw a white peacock, which I thought was an albino, but in fact it is a “white spotting” gene which makes the peacock lose it’s colour producing cells.


Spotted Cow




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